A pregnant man on the cover of a magazine is barely enough to make me bat an eyelid now

Logan Brown - Logan Brown
Logan Brown - Logan Brown

Anyone out there not seen the pregnant trans bloke on the cover of Glamour Magazine? Well done. I strongly advise you to keep it that way if you are of tender sensibilities

The personage in question is Logan Brown. He is quoted as saying “I am a trans man and I exist”, right over the top of his third trimester (I’m guessing) tummy. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

It’s genuinely hard to know where to look. Call me a ruddy fuddy duddy, but that ain’t what I’d call glamorous. He’s not even wearing Marabou feathered mules. Then again, this is the Pride issue so we’re probably (definitely) not allowed to say anything because, although it’s sticks and stones that break bones, words can get you cancelled.

But aside from looking a bit, ahem, outré - and this, Dear Reader, is quite possibly the very weirdest thing I have ever typed - such is the topsy turvy madness of gender politics I’m absolutely fine with Logan’s performative fecundity.

Why? Because compared to the utterly absurd Orwellian hysteria I’ve witnessed this week, “just” a pregnant trans man bearing his belly to the world seems downright vanilla. To explain: first, I interviewed Kathleen Stock, the erstwhile professor of philosophy bullied, threatened and hounded out of her job at the University of Sussex for saying bleedingly obvious things like “biological men can’t just change into women” and “biological women can’t become men”.

Then I attended the Oxford Union where she took part in a question-and-answer session while, outside, an angry mob screamed and, inside, a trans activist glued herself to the floor.

Stock, 52, a late-blooming lesbian with two teenage sons from her first marriage to a man and a baby daughter with her female partner, knows a thing or two about nonconformity. She has repeatedly emphasised that transgender women are entitled to go about their business freely and deserve every protection under the law, while also pointing out that, as they are not women, she will not call them that.

But trans women, having been born male, remember, are incandescent with rage at being thwarted (as men often are) and have denounced, derided and decried Stock’s unexceptional belief in bog-standard biology. In effect she is wicked, science is wrong and trans women are women who therefore must have access to single-sex, female-only spaces, be it lavatories, domestic violence refuges, prisons or changing rooms. Except they’re not women, are they?

At the debate lots of students got quite upset because Stock refused to lose her temper and said deeply inappropriate things that made them feel unsafe, like “surely we can disagree reasonably and still be friends?”

Burn the witch! Afterwards there were sotto voce complaints that she was “too moderate”. But to those thronging the streets chanting and drumming, her refusal to be bullied into agreeing with their “trans women are women” nonsense, Stock remains a pariah. Which is why, in the context of great big lolloping trans women who are men insisting they are women, a self-styled trans man who is pregnant seems quite meh.

Logan is not saying he is a man and demanding we do the same. He is calling himself a trans man (ie a biological woman) which is true. He was born a woman and prefers to live as a man, but wanted to use his lady plumbing to have a baby.

Others might not like it for moral reasons but he’s not impinging on anyone’s rights. I just hope he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Freddy McConnell, the transgender man who gave birth to a child, and entered into a legal battle because he was told he could not be registered as the child’s “father”.

Mercifully, a High Court judge ruled that we would not be taken for fools and that, while Mr McConnell’s gender was recognised by law as male, his parental status of “mother” derived from the biological role of giving birth.

If your head is spinning by now, you have my sympathy. It’s quite the challenge to keep up with modern gender mores. And, of course, if a pregnant trans man is your idea of Glamour, go ahead and download a copy of the magazine (the issue is only online).

Frankly, you can hide behind your iPad when the transgender militia start going from house to house demanding we bring out our pronouns and throw scientific facts onto the funeral pyre of civilisation.

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