Praise for Williams but criticism of owners - Swans fans have their say

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We asked Swansea City fans for their views on this season and their prospects for the next campaign under Luke Williams - and there were plenty of responses.

Here's a selection of those comments. If you'd like to get in touch with yours, simply fill in this form.

Max: Swans have been a joy to watch some games (Cardiff at home) but difficult to watch at most games. I think we need proper investment from our owners, sign players instead of loaning to build a long term team, and I think it can happen with Luke Williams. He plays a great style of football, which is the Swansea way. Hopeful for next season, top 10.

Mal Gray: Swansea will forever be rebuilding when the side is made up of loan signings. The people running the club sell anything of promise and then blame the manager for inconsistency.

Ethan: Overall, I have lukewarm feelings going into 2024-25. We are majority owned by an American investment consortium which includes the likes of Oprah Winfrey. Swansea City AFC is a small print on their winnings. With all profits syphoned, we stay afloat by the skin of our teeth.

Ian: Swansea were on a great trajectory following last season, but the appointment of [Williams' predecessor Michael] Duff and then signing the players he wanted has set the club back at least another year. Williams has started to right the ship but it will be interesting to see what happens to players who don't fit his system in the summer.

James: Really exciting to see the improvements in the playing style, but most importantly in the results. Feels as though we are back to playing the Swansea way at times. Big shout-out to Ronald too, who is now my favourite player.