Port Moody Police report concerning incidents at Sasamat Lake

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While the region has been enjoying the warm weather, Port Moody Police say the sun has also brought out troublemakers.

Sasamat Lake has been the site of numerous incidents and emergencies last week, according to a May 19 press release from the department.

Const. Sam Zacharias said police will continue to patrol the park and surrounding roadways, and immediately report illegal activities.

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In one instance, “heavily intoxicated” adults – one of whom required medical attention – bragged of their intention to drive home, Zacharias said.

Police were called to another incident involving a group of young men shooting a pellet-style gun near the beach, he said.

Zacharias said firefighters had to extinguish a bonfire set in the forest, which was left unattended overnight.

One aggressive motorist disobeyed flaggers, drove into oncoming traffic and nearly crashed into a gate, he said.

Lastly, in the “perhaps most bizarre” incident, Zacharias said a woman attempted to take home a baby goose before being confronted by other park-goers.

She allegedly threw the gosling, hurting the bird, before fleeing the scene.

Zacharias said this incident is still under investigation.

There have also been numerous incidents of park-goers flouting parking laws, and police are reminding motorists that parking on Bedwell Bay Road is prohibited.

“Those who choose to park on the road will be ticketed and towed. It is very hazardous to park on this road as it causes congestion and prevents first responders from responding to emergencies quickly” states Const. Sam Zacharias.

Patrick Penner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Tri-Cities Dispatch

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