Playoff custom seeding now available for Yahoo Fantasy Hockey

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Yahoo gives you control with fantasy playoff custom seeding.
Yahoo gives you control with fantasy playoff custom seeding.

Fantasy Hockey owners have been asking for custom playoff features and we at Yahoo Fantasy heard you loud and clear. Just in time for Fantasy Hockey’s second season, commissioners now have the ability to edit seeds for the first round of the playoffs

This will help leagues that want to implement custom tiebreakers such as setting up a divisional playoff bracket or basing playoff berth on total points instead of by record.

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Now this part is important, this feature will be locked until one week before the first game of your league’s playoffs and will lock again once the first game of your league’s playoffs begins. Make sure to make all edits before the first playoff game. Please note that changes made with this tool will override any changes in league standings afterwards, so its important to make them at the appropriate time. Once they lock at the start of playoffs, they cannot be changed.

Where to go: This tool will appear under the commish tools as “Edit Playoff Seeds” under the “Schedules & Playoffs” area, in both the web version and the app. You can also find it by searching “Edit Playoff Seeds”. Once there, you can edit your league’s playoff seeding for the first round.

How to use it: The tool itself is self-explanatory, so give it a go. Just remember to save when you’re done shuffling your managers around. This feature is available for all private leagues.

Please let us know if you have any questions in our community area. This feature is new for us too, but we’ll help you get that optimal playoff bracket.

For those of you thinking, is this same amazing enhancement coming for Fantasy Basketball and Baseball? Yes! Yes, it will be!

Finally, if you’re still trying to make the playoffs, we have you covered there, too. Whether it’s winners and losers from the NHL trade deadline, waiver wire tips or the latest transaction trends, lean on Yahoo Fantasy to get a win.

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