Plan Awkwardly Backfires, Causing Chaos During ‘Survivor’ Tribal Council

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There were two crazy tribal councils packed into one hour of Survivor Wednesday night. In the first, Andrea was blindsided by Cirie and Sarah. And that was just the beginning of the crazy drama caused by Sarah and Cirie.

Sarah offered Cirie her special vote-stealing advantage before the next tribal council to earn her trust. Cirie tried to warn Sarah that Tai was coming after her and that she should use her advantage for herself. Since Sarah refused, Cirie came up with her own plan to use it and steal Sarah’s vote so she could save Sarah.

When it was time to vote at tribal council, Cirie stopped Jeff Probst and said she wanted to use her special advantage. Although, when she said she was going to steal Sarah’s vote, Sarah spoke up and said, “Well, actually, that’s my advantage, and I’m letting Cirie hold on to it, and it says it can’t be stolen from me.” Cirie tried to explain it wasn’t stolen from her, but it didn’t matter. The note said it was “nontransferable,” so Cirie couldn’t use it.

Following that failed attempt, Sarah decided to change her plan and got up to talk to Tai. Cirie then got up to explain herself to Sarah, and then all hell broke loose. Everyone was scrambling, talking to each other, listening in on other people’s conversations, trying to figure out what was happening. Eventually, Sarah declared that she was using her advantage to steal Tai’s vote.

So everyone voted, and surprisingly Michaela was the one voted off. But she took it in stride, saying, “It’s a compliment to be voted off because people think they can’t beat you. Don’t hurt my feelings.”

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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