Photos of the week: 9/22 - 9/29

Lindsay Keeler,

Headlines this week continued to be centered on natural disasters, including Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the deadly earthquake in Mexico. President Donald Trump was criticized for his response to the crisis in the Caribbean island with people accusing him of being preoccupied with his ongoing feud with the NFL and the protests during the national anthem. 

The Invictus Games were also a popular topic of discussion this week -- not only for the stunning feats accomplished by the injured active duty and veteran service members who competed -- but for the people who attended the event. Prince Harry was joined by first lady Melania Trump during the opening ceremony. Meghan Markle was also in Toronto for the games, where the duo made their first public appearance as a couple.

Click through the slideshow above to see photos from all of these events and more, and be sure to check back next weekend for our selection of the best photography from the week. 




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