Photos reveal new US-Mexico border wall prototypes editors

As President Trump continues to press the need for his promised border wall, new prototypes are offering a look at what a final product, if built, could look like.

According to new images, there are eight total prototypes on display in a California desert, where U.S. Customs and Border Protection is working on the wall portions.

According to NBC News, a concrete portion -- of which there are four prototypes -- would face the U.S. side, while a see-through portion would face toward Mexico. There would also be a monitoring zone of approximately 150 feet to be used by patrol agents in the event of a wall breach.

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Trump promised repeatedly throughout his 2016 campaign, and now as president, that Mexico would be paying for the wall, but Mexico has come back byrejecting the promise. While the White House's proposed budget includes $1.8 billion allotted for the building and repair of wall sections, internal Department of Homeland Security assessments have said the cost could mount up to $21 billion.

Click through to see images of the border wall prototypes:


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