PFL co-founder announces multi-million dollar fight offer for potential Kayla Harrison vs. Cris Cyborg bout

Two-time PFL champion Kayla Harrison wasn’t thrilled with the news of Cris Cyborg making her professional boxing debut, and the promotion immediately supported her efforts to make the potentially massive MMA fight come together.

Harrison, who will be fighting Martina Jindrova at 2022 PFL Playoffs 3 on Aug. 20 in London, has been hunting for a fight against Cyborg for quite some time. Harrison was recently a free agent and received a contract offer from Bellator, but the PFL matched and she ultimately did not make the move.

However, according to Harrison, the PFL has approached Cyborg in an effort to create a deal that would lead to one of the biggest women’s MMA fights currently possible.

“The last I talked to them, Cyborg was a free agent,” Harrison said on The MMA Hour. “They were basically like, name your price, and I don’t know if they heard anything back. I haven’t been keeping up with it to be honest because my job is not to promote, my job is to fight. We all want this fight on this side, PFL and myself.”

Cyborg announced Wednesday she will be making her pro boxing debut in September, which led Harrison to believe her potential opponent is running away from the matchup.

Harrison fired off a number of Tweets that were critical of the announcement, including some offers in hopes of enticing Cyborg to come to the table and create a fight deal.

“We can do winner takes all, or we can do when she loses, she gets to keep her purse,” Harrison said. I”f she needs help getting the deal signed, I will call Peter Murray myself, and Donn Davis, and ask them. Whatever price she wants, I will speak to them on her behalf, and I will go through a full USADA drug testing. I will be drug tested every day from now until the fight if she’s worried about that. She doesn’t have to be drug tested at all. The only thing that I ask is that they allow elbows. … So I can put one through her skull.”

Unlike most professional MMA promotions, PFL rules do not allow for elbow strikes.

Shortly after the interview, Davis supported Harrison by laying out an offer to Cyborg, including a $1 million purse to each fighter with a $2 million winner bonus.

“Fans want the fight, fighters want the fight,” Davis wrote on Twitter. “I have watched and listened. PFL MMA will provide all money and handle all matters. … $1M each fighter + $2M winner bonus. PPV super fight. No more talk. Decide the best inside the cage.”

Cyborg’s debut opponent in the boxing ring is Simone Silva, a boxer who has competed for a number of titles, but has lost her eight previous bouts. Harrison finds Cyborg’s opposition ironic considering the feedback she receives for her opposition in the PFL.

“The cans, I fight the cans, everyone’s a can,” Harrison said. “Can, can, can. Tomato can, Del Monte can, you know, they’re all cans. Coca-Cola cans. She’s fighting someone who’s 17-21.”

While Cyborg’s boxing debut is only a one-fight deal with the boxing promotion Fight Music Show, Harrison hopes it doesn’t deter a potential fight down the road as more boxing opportunities for Cyborg arise.

“I want to make this happen,” Harrison said. “Like, I’m not fake. This is what I want.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie