Pete Buttigieg explains his biggest concern about Trump’s impeachment

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Pete Buttigieg appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Thursday night where the Democratic presidential candidate voiced his concern over the impeachment of President Trump. Trump was acquitted on both impeachment charges Wednesday along a near party-line vote, despite several GOP senators describing Trump’s behavior involving Ukraine as shameful and inappropriate. But the outcome was expected based on some high-ranking GOP senators, like Lindsey Graham and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, saying beforehand that they would not be impartial. That, along with the fact that there were no witnesses called for the impeachment trial for the first time in history, has Buttigieg concerned voters will become disengaged.

“My biggest concern about the effect of this is a sense of exhaustion with everything because we see the process in the Senate wasn’t a real trial. I mean, they didn’t have witnesses. Everybody knows that a trial generally ought to have witnesses,” Buttigieg said. “The jurors, so to speak, many of the GOP senators made clear this was a foregone conclusion. And the worst thing that could happen is if we give in to a sense of  hopelessness or exhaustion and walk away from the whole process.”

But Buttigieg reminded everyone who is disappointed with Trump’s impeachment trial why they shouldn’t lose hope.

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“The best thing about the fact that this is 2020, we’re living in an election year, is that, yeah, the Senate was the jury in the impeachment,” Buttigieg said, “but we are the jury now, and we get the final verdict on the president and on the Senate in the election.” 

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