'A performance for the ages'

Everton fan's voice graphic

Hearts as big as the city. Smiles as wide as the Mersey Tunnel. And that’s just the players.

My short summary will not do any justice to both them and the manager after what we witnessed last night at Goodison Park.

It was a performance for the ages. A night that will live long in the memories of all Evertonians.

To put it simply, that was Everton Football Club encapsulated in 90-plus minutes of drama and mayhem.

The heart, grit, determination and work rate separated the two sides. You would be forgiven for thinking our opponents had secured mid-table security, instead of being involved in an end-of-season title race.

The fact we have spoiled any title ambitions they may have had, is simply a positive side show to our own club's story.

This is about us and nothing else.

It’s been 14 long years since we last won a home derby. It is fair to say that pent-up emotion was released in spades on the final whistle.

Our fans were simply incredible. The noise was glass-shatteringly loud all night. Goodison was rocked to its creaking foundations. We deserved it. Every single second of it.

Goodison Park will soon be consigned to the pages of history.

Last night will be remembered as one of her spine-tingling best.

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