Is Percy Jackson and the Olympians Renewed for Season 2 on Disney+?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians has made a noticeable splash since its double-episode debut Dec. 20 on Disney+.

In its first six days, the live-action adaptation’s first two episodes raked in a record-breaking 13.3 million views globally across both Disney+ and Hulu — securing it as the No. 1 Disney Branded Television premiere of all time.

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That strong viewership also landed the series in the Top 10 Nielsen chart ratings for the week of Dec. 18, with 572 million minutes viewed across two episodes that spanned 80 minutes.

Given its momentum thus far, many fans have wondered if that’s enough to secure a second season. So, has Percy Jackson been renewed? Ahead of the premiere, series co-creator and showrunner Jon Steinberg told TVLine that “nothing’s been ordered yet.”

“I think everybody’s really focused on making sure that people have the reaction to the show that we’re hoping they will,” the EP explained. “There are some people that spend their day thinking about what next season would look like so hopefully, that work will become a little more official sooner than later.”

In a more recent interview tied to Tuesday’s penultimate episode, Toby Stephens (who plays Poseidon) also shared that he “hadn’t heard anything” about a potential Season 2 yet but was willing to return as the sea god for future episodes.

“I entered into it knowing… both Jon [Steinberg ] and [executive producer Dan Shotz] said, ‘Well, you know, he’s a recurring character,” Stephens shared. “When I read the scripts that they’d sent me, I thought, ‘This is really nice.’ It’s something that will be fun to do, and it’s obviously a huge privilege to be part of such a much-loved franchise that means so much to so many people.”

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