People cannot stop laughing at SNL mocking the Stanley Cup craze

Saturday Night Live just poked fun at one absurd frenzy that’s generated a ton of buzz on social media, and fans are obsessed. In the live comedy special’s latest performance on 27 January, the comics perform a skit entitled “Big Dumb Cups,” seemingly mocking the Stanley bottle craze that’s erupted recently.

In the four-minute production, Dakota Johnson, Heidi Gardner, and Chloe Fineman are dressed as hikers, positioned on a peak in a faux mountain range. The three women donned oversised hats, ripped denim, and puffer vests, mimicking the look of a trendy athletic girl – the known water bottle owners.

“Are you like us? A pretty lady? Drives a big car?” Fineman asked before Gardner chimed in: “Are you between 12 and 70 and go to Target every damn day?”

“Are you physically or at least spiritually blonde?” Johnson added.

The three actresses introduced the latest item in their “Big Dumb” series: the Stanley Cups. Fineman held a yellow bottle, while Johnson was paired with a blue one, and Gardner had the purple option.

In the last few weeks, the water bottle company, which first gained traction on TikTok for their $45 Clean Slate Quencher cup with a handle and straw, released limited-edition colours that led eager buyers to storm Target stores, wreaking havoc. Videos online showed women shoving others, knocking over displays, and grabbing as many cups as they could.

“It’s more than just a cup, it’s a big cup,” Gardner quipped. “Have women killed for this cup? Almost, and a bunch.”

Johnson, Gardner, and Fineman took turns adding stereotypes about the type of women who are head-over-heels for these insulated cups.

“It’s the cup that says I start decorating for Christmas tomorrow,” Johnson joked.

“Mm. You can really taste the bacteria,” Fineman proclaimed as she took a fake sip.

On 24 January, a spokesperson for Stanley admitted to NBC that lead is used in their manufacturing process, raising health concerns amongst customers. However, the spokesperson clarified that the company follows all US regulatory requirements and that the lead would only be exposed if the bottle was to become damaged or broken.

Of course, SNL found a way to make fun of the timely news. “I’m getting lead,” Gardner said as she gulped a sip from her bottle.

“If your car explodes, you won’t survive, but your big dump cup will,” Fineman noted.

Johnson was seen switching between an Ugg-wrapped Stanley and an enlarged one. At one point, the camera moved to show Fineman’s boots, embellished with two Stanley bottles for heels. Gardner pretended her cup was an air fryer, and Fineman showed a bottle designed with a pregnant belly.

Viewers flocked to the comments on YouTube, applauding the comedians on what they believed was an accurate depiction of the Stanley owner.

“As a ‘spiritually blonde’ basic ass wannabe white girl, loved the Stanley commerical,” one candid woman wrote, while another added: “Dakota’s crazy girl look is way too real!”

“I live in Colorado and these women have been my neighbors too. They take those big dumb cups hiking,” one experienced individual admitted.

An honest YouTube user remarked: “This skit felt dry, yet funny at the same time. I feel so attacked* right now because I just bought one of these cups not too long ago because I saw one that was the same color as my headphones.”