Penalized NASCAR Driver Abandons Car on Front Straight

nascar xfinity series josh williams parked on straight
Penalized NASCAR Driver Abandons Car on StraightNASCAR on Fox / Twitter

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Josh Williams was driving around in a damaged race car in today's race at Atlanta when NASCAR determined that he would need to pit for further repairs before leaving debris on the track. Williams stayed out one lap further, the car threw debris out onto the track, and Williams was in turn told that he would be "parked" for the race. He responded very literally, choosing to leave his car on the front straight rather than taking it to the garage.

Needless to say, this was not the correct procedure. Williams and his No. 92 team were angry because of the extreme response to such a common problem, as damaged cars regularly leave debris on track, so the decision to abandon the car and create a new problem for NASCAR was a straightforward protest of the officiating decision.

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The parking will likely lead to further punishment, but it is unclear exactly what that punishment would look like as this is not a move with a lot of precedent. For the time being, NASCAR chose to call Williams to the officiating hauler, where he will meet for officials after the race ends. As the race is still going while this very blog is going live, he is still waiting in there to have that discussion and should remain there until what has been a fairly long, caution-filled race actually comes to an end.

The No. 92 car has also been relocated, left directly in front of the same hauler Williams is waiting in.

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