Patrick Dempsey's Ferrari transformation caused his hair to fall out

patrick dempsey at d23
Patrick Dempsey said Ferrari caused him hair lossGetty Images

Grey's Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey has opened up about how his new film Ferrari caused him to lose his hair.

Dempsey plays Italian racing driver Piero Taruffi in the biopic, which required him to dye his hair white — something he regrets.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine, the actor said: "I should have had a wig because we dyed my hair, and it started falling out because of the helmet I had on.

patrick dempsey at d23
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"They dyed my hair so much that towards the end of the shoot, I had this monk halo [and] all the hair was gone!"

Dempsey also added that his "scalp was blistered" at one point due to burns, but he was glad that the filmmakers had gotten the look of Piero right in the end.

Alongside Dempsey, the film also stars Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari, Penélope Cruz as Laura Ferrari, Shailene Woodley as Lina Lardi and Jack O'Connell as Peter Collins. It follows Enzo's professional and personal breakdown, as well as his attempt at a major comeback in the infamous 1,000-mile race, the Mille Miglia.

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Adam Driver as Enzo FerrariSTX Entertainment

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The casting of non-Italian actors in the film has caused controversy, with famous Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino labelling the move "cultural appropriation".

"The parts are given to foreign actors who are distant from the story's real protagonists, starting with the exotic accents," he said.

"If a Cuban can't play a Mexican, why can an American play an Italian? It only happens with us. In another time, [Vittorio] Gassman would have played Ferrari. Now, Driver does it, and no one says anything."

Ferrari producer Andrea Iervolino hit back at that claim, stating that there weren't any Italian actors big enough to front a film with a huge budget that's being released around the world.

Ferrari is released in UK cinemas on December 26 and will be available to watch on Sky Cinema in 2024.

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