Passenger stabs gun-wielding man threatening family delivering for DoorDash, AL cops say

What started out as an evening of DoorDash deliveries for an Alabama family ended with an armed road rage incident and a man being stabbed, police say.

The couple was driving for DoorDash in Helena, Alabama, on the evening of Sept. 17, the Helena Police Department said in a news release. As they were doing deliveries, with their small child in the backseat, a woman in another vehicle pulled up to the back of their vehicle and followed them while driving “in an aggressive manner,” police said.

Eventually, the woman “pulled up next to the couple and began screaming profanities and accusing them of not using their turn signal,” according to the release.

The couple’s vehicle had engine problems that prevented them from going faster than a few miles an hour and escaping the confrontation, police said.

As this continued, a man in a golf cart also arrived. The woman confronting the couple pulled out a gun, and the man took it from her and pointed it at the couple while screaming at them, police said.

The couple tried to reverse when the gun came out, but they couldn’t get away because of their engine problems, police said. The slow-moving confrontation continued along the road.

“Just north of Helena Fire Station #3, the male subject approached the couple’s vehicle and reached into the rear window and began assaulting the driver,” Helena police said. “The driver was struck by the male subject several times about his head and shoulders, and had his shirt ripped off by the male attacker.”

That’s when the wife in the passenger seat pulled out a pocket knife and began stabbing the man who police said was attacking her husband, according to the report.

The man stopped and walked away to the fire station to seek medical assistance, police said. He had sustained three stab wounds to his right arm, according to Helena medical personnel.

The incident took place over the course of several miles, police said.

Criminal charges are pending.

Helena is about 20 miles south of Birmingham.

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