Parents spark controversy with reaction to daughter’s ‘influencer management’ deal: ‘Sounds like a scam’

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A woman’s birth parents are furious after her stepmother gave her business advice

The stepmother took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her stepdaughter is a 24-year-old social media influencer. She found the terms of a contract the stepdaughter was going to sign to be exploitative. When the stepdaughter listened to the Reddit poster’s advice and didn’t sign the deal, it led to a fight with her birth father and birth mother (the poster’s wife). 

“My stepdaughter runs an Instagram page/YouTube channel with a decent amount of following,” the Reddit poster explained. “She makes some money off it and her father wanted her to sign up with an ‘agency’. He had done most of the work and she had a contract in hand. She asked me to take a look at it. I am not a lawyer but I have taken part in some business negotiations. The document was biased against her. They got control over any intellectual property she created, more than half the cut of all her earnings and their marketing commitment was very vaguely defined.” 

But when the stepdaughter agreed with her stepmother, her parents became furious. 

“She is a smart girl and she decided not to sign up,” the Reddit poster said. “She really doesn’t care. She is making money to support herself and do what she likes and has no want to go viral. Her father hates that I interfered in his relationship with his daughter. Her mother (my wife) is not happy either as she doesn’t want my daughter to be self-employed. I feel a bit guilty as I did not mince words when I described the deal, I was furious. The ensuing fallout between her dad and her has strained their relationship. I feel like, I poured fire on a family feud.” 

Reddit users were on the stepmother’s side. 

“It sounds like a scam,” one person said

“Most of those influencer management companies are absolute scams,” another wrote

“She did something her stepdaughter asked her to do and gave her honest opinion when asked,” someone added.

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