Parents are scrambling to get their hands on Fisher-Price’s ‘Stanley cup’ for babies

Stanley cups are the stainless steel water bottles that have taken over the world. Now, babies can join on in the Stanley cup craze with their very own toy tumbler from Fisher-Price.

The Mattel company recently unveiled its own version of the viral Stanley cup, which has gained popularity for its variety of colours and ability to keep drinks cool for 48 hours. The reusable tumbler - particularly the 40-ounce Quencher cup - has resulted in a so-called epidemic, with long lines for limited-edition cups, warnings of counterfeit items being sold by scammers, and arrests for stolen Stanley cups worth $2,500.

While it may not be infants or toddlers contributing to the craze, now they can with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mug. It’s important to note that the product is not officially associated with the brand Stanley 1913, but parents online have claimed that the toy is inspired by the viral cup.

The interactive baby toy, which features colourful lights and more than 20 songs and phrases, is shaped like a miniature to-go beverage cup. Its design is similar to the Stanley’s signature handle and cup-holder friendly bottom. Babies can flip the lid to reveal mocha-colored rattle beads on one side and a matcha latte swirl on the other side.

Until recently, the item was priced at just $9.97 at major retailers like Walmart and was available to purchase on Amazon. But much like the real-life Stanley cup, the baby version has since sold out of all stores. In fact, listings for the Laugh & Learn Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mug have reached nearly $40 on eBay - around the same price as an actual Stanley cup.

Those who were lucky enough to snag the Fisher-Price toy have since taken to TikTok to share their reactions to the baby Stanley cup. “I seriously cannot get over how cute this baby coffee mug tumbler is,” one woman named Hope said in a TikTok video, along with the caption: “Similar to a Stanley tumbler but for your kids. They want to join in the fun too!”

Under a separate TikTok review from user Pretty Pretend Play, one person commented: “How did the baby get a Stanley cup before me?”

Another viewer wrote: “Oh Lord they’re making Stanley cups for the babies now.”

This isn’t the first time Fisher-Price has made adult-like toys for children. Last December, a mother shared her shocked reaction when she realised the play set she purchased for her child was meant to emulate an office environment with a computer and various supplies.

The Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Like a Boss Activity Center, which was priced at $109.99 on Amazon, included typical office supplies - such as a calendar, Post-it notes, and tape dispenser - as well as a computer that recited specific work-themed phrases when the buttons were pressed.

“I didn’t pay attention to what I was buying. I don’t know what they call it, but I call it ‘baby’s first cubicle,’” the woman said in her viral TikTok video, with the caption: “Capitalism is really popping off today!”