Padres make awful home run history while getting blown out 16-0

Everyone knew the San Diego Padres would be bad this season, but we didn’t expect them to discover historic ways to lose games. The team accomplished just that during Tuesday’s 16-0 blowout loss against the Minnesota Twins.

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Padres pitchers allowed the Twins to hit at least one home run in each of the first seven innings, something that’s never happened before in the history of the game.

So … uh … yeah. We don’t know whether to call this a record, or just a historical event? It’s a fun fact, maybe? There are a lot of qualifiers there, though.

It’s just oddly specific. “The Padres became the first team in Major League Baseball history to allow a home run in each of the first seven innings of a game.” Sounds awful wordy, doesn’t it?

The Padres watched a lot of home runs leave the ballpark Tuesday. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Still, it’s fun to see something that has never happened before. And it also gives you an idea of how bad the Padres are this season. The performance actually tied a franchise record for most home runs allowed in a game.

If you’re looking for a positive, you can say the team got its act together in the eighth and ninth, at least?

You may also note that we could have gone with the positive “Twins set MLB record with seven home run in the first seven innings” as our headline, but we enjoy feeding into those of you who crave negativity. That, and the Padres haven’t exactly found a lot of ways to get themselves in the headlines this season.

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