P.K. Subban says ESPYs are 'hotter than Lindsey Vonn,' gets shut down (Video)

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Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins won “hockey player of the year” at the 2017 ESPY Awards on Wednesday night, as ESPN clearly hasn’t pushed him off the throne to make way for Boy King Connor McDavid like the Professional Hockey Writers Association and the NHLPA did last month.

But true to form: Crosby gets the glory and P.K. Subban grabs the attention.

Subban attended his first ESPY Awards – thank you, controversial trade to an American market and subsequent partnership! – and apparently had the time of his life.

Here’s the Nashville Predators defenseman on the red carpet.

Here he is in a red carpet interview, saying “it’s hotter outside than Lindsey Vonn looks today, which is pretty hot.”

It didn’t go over well.

Here’s the face that P.K. Subban makes when he’s being lectured by Hannah Storm about objectifying female athletes who happen to be “a great role model and such a strong woman in so many ways”:

Anyway, the rest of the interview was fine, and Subban makes the case that athletes need to use their fame and resources to do good deeds for those in need, especially children.

Then it was time for the show, and Subban delivered:

That was … a lot of tongue.

Also, straight from the bottle. Just like his career so far: No cup.

Our only regret was that Peyton Manning didn’t ad-lib a joke about champagne covering up bad breath, but that would require Peyton Manning to watch the Stanley Cup Final. And we’re guessing even the presence of a Tennessee team didn’t necessitate that.

P.K. Subban, please never stop being P.K. Subban.

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