P.K. Subban hits Nashville, sings Johnny Cash at Tootsie’s (Video)

Subban, via Predators
Subban, via Predators

(Ed. Note: Montreal Canadiens fans, you may want to sit this post out, for your own mental wellbeing.)

P.K. Subban arrived in Nashville on Sunday.

Boy, did he.

According to the Nashville Predators, Subban flew into the airport on Sunday morning and then took the town by storm – yellow Preds jersey with “Subban 76” on his back, black cowboy hat on his head.

He visited the Bridgestone Arena, which he’ll now call home after last month’s blockbuster trade that brought Shea Weber to Montreal, broke the hearts of many Habs fans and baffled even more of them.

Then he walked a few blocks and really visited Nashville: Hitting Broadway and Tootsie’s Lounge, a legendary haunt in the city’s party district. And when visiting a legendary haunt, one must honor a legend in Music City.

Here’s P.K. Subban, warbling Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”:

Yeah, he’ll do OK with the locals.

Before honoring The Man in Black, Subban admits that it was Montreal Canadiens teammate Carey Price that turned him on to Johnny Cash. For that, he deserves a triple-low-five – well, if the Canadiens would allow it.

Then it was off to the Ford Ice Center, where Subban did what he does best: Taking photos with appreciative young fans and signing autographs in the community.

Subban, via Predators
Subban, via Predators

Here’s some video from Subban’s day in Music City:

P.K. better watch out: This kind of outlandish, fan-friendly, brand-building behavior is exactly what forced Marc Bergevin to trade him!

(I mean, we assume so. It’s not like anyone involved in the trade is offering something close to candor.)

But, perhaps, a move to a place like Nashville is exactly what Subban needs. Where P.K. can, you know, be P.K. without admonishment or recourse. How did that song go again? “Well if they freed me from this prison/if that railroad train was mine/I bet I’d move it on a little farther down the line …”

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