Ovi loves Stanley: Ovechkin and the Cup are inseparable as Capitals continue to party

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The NHL may have to pry the Stanley Cup from Alex Ovechkin’s cold, dead, vodka-soaked hands.

Suffice it to say, the party won’t be stopping for a quite a while after Ovi and his Capitals’ teammates brought Washington its first ever Stanley Cup, and the team’s playoff MVP is continuing to prove his value as a captain — albeit in a different capacity — in the days following the historic triumph.

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Ovechkin has been leading the boys’ bender brigade through the streets, clubs, casinos and public fountains of Las Vegas and D.C. for the past, oh, 55 hours or so — and, as he’s done so many times for the Capitals over the past 13 seasons, Ovi has stolen the spotlight and stepped up when he’s needed most.

The big, thirsty Russian has shown his veteran party prowess and delivered a riveting performance over the first few days of mayhem, and his new buddy Stanley has been at his side every step of the way.

As the first major professional team to ever seal a title in Vegas, the Capitals kicked the party off right as they headed straight to The Strip for their first night as champions, invading various nightclubs and establishments with Ovi and the Cup, of course, front and centre.

Only fitting that Ovi and Stanley would begin their victory tour by visiting an old friend and joining a fellow superstar on stage at one of Vegas’ most iconic clubs for a quick set.

Ovechkin and his large silver buddy then made a stop at the MGM Grand at around 4am, Vegas time, to spread the word of their budding relationship.

Once the liquor settled and the fellas collected their marbles, packed their bags and hit the plane back to D.C., Ovi and Stanley continued to bond at 30,000 feet.

After a couple days of drinking and a few hours in the sky, the boys — almost unfathomably — set their sights on Nationals Park where Ovechkin let everybody know that he and Stanley are officially an item after the pair tossed out the first pitch.

After their excursion to the ballpark, it was time for Ovechkin, Stanley and the rest of the crew to hit up the City of Washington for a couple keg stands, a few rooftop parties, and even a quick swim in a public fountain, for good measure.

And when the first couple of legs of the season-ending bender were complete, there was only one suitable partner for Ovi to hop into bed with.

No word on whether the rest of the Caps’ roster will get their traditional day with the Stanley Cup this summer, or if Ovechkin will be tagging along for the ride. At this point, you’ll need to murder the man in order to separate him for his long-awaited hardware.

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