Oreo Has a New Cookie Hitting Shelves Next Week

We need to try them ASAP.

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Oh, Milk’s Favorite Cookie, you sure do know how to excite a crowd. No matter what Oreo announces—whether it’s a new flavor, a returning flavor, or even a collaboration with another brand—fans everywhere become impatient as they await the new cookie creation.

We’re just three months into the year, and Oreo has already broken our brains with how many new items they’ve released. Let’s recount, shall we? We’ve seen the limited-time Black & White Cookie Oreos, Space Dunk Oreos, and Dirt Cake Oreos. Plus, the addition of the Gluten-Free Golden Oreos, Tiramisu Oreo Thins, and Peanut Butter Oreo Cakesters to the brand’s permanent portfolio. And that’s not even counting the dozens of collaborations we’ve seen in 2024 alone.

Just when you think the Oreo R&D team is going to get some rest—because, heck, they deserve it—the brand goes and drops another mouthwatering flavor. The newest one? Churro Oreos.

Oreo Launches New Churro Flavor



Oreo announced on social media that it’s rolling out a new limited-edition churro-flavored cookie.

“Add a little spice with Oreo Churro,” the Instagram caption read.

The new cookie will hit shelves on March 27 for a limited time, according to the brand.

Oreo’s Churro flavor will feature an all-new take on the Golden Oreo. The actual cookie itself will be fried dough-flavored and filled with churro-flavored creme and sugar inclusions.

We all love the Spanish dessert for its satisfying crunch and sweet sugary crystals that coat your fingers. While the Churro Oreo won’t be rolled in a sugary dusting, it will still feature the crunch of fried dough, plus the classic sweetness.

And, just like a churro, the Churro Oreo is great on its own but made even better with chocolate or dulce de leche dipping sauce.

Diehard Oreo fans might be thinking I thought Oreo already did a churro flavor. And, you’d be right. In 2019, Oreo released a “mystery flavor” cookie that was sold in a non-descript white bag and looked just like a traditional black and white Oreo. It was later revealed the flavor was churro—thanks to its cinnamony churro-flavored creme.

While the brand tried its hand at the limited-time churro flavor in the past, this new Churro Oreo is completely new. The fried dough-flavored cookie and sugary churro-flavored creme are unlike anything you’ve tried from the sandwich cookie before.

You’ll just have to taste it to understand how Oreo gets the delicious churro flavors into its cookie. However, you’ll have to do so quickly because the limited-edition flavor won’t be around forever.

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