Oprah Weighs In On Ozempic: 'If I Take The Drug, That’s The Easy Way Out'

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Oprah Weighs In On The Ozempic DebateParas Griffin - Getty Images

Earlier this year, Oprah Winfrey wowed fans with her impressive weight loss progress. The longtime WW ambassador stepped out with a noticeably slimmer figure after rededicating herself to healthier habits in the new year.

While much of Hollywood has turned to drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy, which were originally designed for people with Type 2 diabetes but have gained popularity for weight loss effects, and now Winfrey as weighed in, as Oprah Daily reports.

"Shouldn’t we all just be more accepting of whatever body you choose to be in? That should be your choice," Oprah said during a recent panel discussion with obesity specialists Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford and Dr. Melanie Jay, and psychologist Dr. Rachel Goldman. "Even when I first started hearing about the weight loss drugs, at the same time I was going through knee surgery, and I felt, I’ve got to do this on my own. Because if I take the drug, that’s the easy way out."

Instead, along with her tried-and-true dedication to the WW program, Winfrey has focused on hiking as part of her post-surgery fitness plan. She also opened up about her struggles losing weight in the spotlight, and the constant tabloid criticisms over the past 25 years.

"You all know I've been on this journey for most of my life," she said during the panel. "I don’t know if there is another public person whose weight struggle has been exploited as much as mine over the years... one of the things that I've been so ashamed, shamed myself about, and was shamed in the tabloids every week for about 25 years is not having the willpower."

Dr. Stanford weighed in on the topic, telling Winfrey, "It hurts to see you ostracized in the way that you've been because this isn't about willpower... It's how our bodies regulate weight. Each of us is different, each of us is unique, not one is superior to another."

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