Opinion: A lot to be positive about right now

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Matthew Soakell, North East Canary

There’s a lot to be positive about right now if you’re a Norwich City fan. We’re sixth in the league, with every chance of finishing fifth, meaning our season will likely be extended by two games at least; we’re all celebrating what a wonderful season Kenny McLean has had and why he’s rightly been awarded Player of the Season; and Mark Attanasio’s Norfolk FB Holdings group has formally been announced as joint majority shareholders of the club.

Whilst some fans might wish Attanasio had even more say and influence, the club has gone about things the right way, gradually integrating the Attanasio’s into the fold and it certainly seems like the family has bought in - in every sense of the word.

Looking at matters on the pitch, we’ve got Jonathan Rowe back and getting minutes in the legs, with the 20-year-old this week being named Young Player of the Season - again, rightly so! There was a palpable buzz when he started warming up last week and he received a fantastic ovation from the Carrow Road crowd when he was brought on in the 56th minute.

Some would argue Gabriel Sara should’ve been named POTS, and I can make a case for that, but irrespective of awards and nominations, the Brazilian has been superb this season and played a key part in Borja Sainz's equalising goal against Bristol City. He’s another reason to be positive; having someone like Sara in your side going into the play-offs is huge.

Then there’s Angus Gunn, who put in a brilliant performance to keep Bristol City’s goal tally down to just one last week. Arguably the best keeper in the Championship, City fans love having one of their own and the son of a club legend between the sticks.

So with all of this factored in, and without wanting to sound like I don’t care what happens regarding the play-offs, it finally feels like most of the sentiment around Norwich City is well on it's way to being back to it's positive best - both for players, staff and fans - whether this season is deemed a success or not.

Should we fail to finish in the top six, Ben Knapper will have a decision to make regarding David Wagner’s position as head coach, but irrespective of who’s in charge and what happens between now and the end of May, it feels like we’ve overcome the winter blues and a bright summer lies ahead.

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