It's Only January And Dunkin's Spring Menu Has Been Leaked

Dunkin' coffee and donut
Dunkin' coffee and donut - Bloomberg / Getty Images

Few things are more exciting in the food world than the seasonal items that companies release throughout the year. While many chains have joined in on Starbucks's pumpkin spice craze for fall and everyone releases holiday-themed items for winter, by the time spring rolls around, the new releases from places like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts tend to be underwhelming.

Some Reddit users already expected Dunkin's spring 2022 menu to be "boring" before its launch, which seemingly reflects consumers' high expectations. Luckily, Dunkin's spring 2024 menu was leaked early on Instagram, and fans think the new items look promising. The chain is seemingly pursuing a churro theme with a Churro Signature Latte and a Churro Classic Donut. According to the unconfirmed leak, fans may also be able to get a Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee hot or iced, which uses churro syrup and comes with vanilla and cream. Banana Chocolate Chip Bread is also on the new menu, and for a savory option, there's the Breakfast Empanada with egg, cheese, and sausage. Two new Sparkd' Energy drinks may also grace the new menu in Berry Burst or Peach Sunshine flavors.

Although some Instagram commenters claiming to work at Dunkin' corroborated the leak, it's worth noting that this spring menu has not been verified by the company itself. It's unclear if Dunkin' plans to confirm these rumors or let customers speculate until the spring menu's supposed release date of February 21, 2024.

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Customers Are Hopeful About Dunkin's New Menu Items

Dunkin' donut case
Dunkin' donut case - Bloomberg / Getty Images

Dunkin's spring 2024 lineup appears to be quite promising, which has left people hopeful for its release. Many of the Instagram comments reflected that optimism, with one user saying, "Woah! Now this sounds great," and others adding, "LESS GO!!! CHRRO DONUTS!!!" while noting that "Dunkin's bout to come in CLUTCH this season."

Of course, you can't please everyone. Some commenters would have preferred other flavors or their previous favorites, but the novelty of the seasonal launch seemingly kept folks excited. According to a Reddit thread that also posted the leaked menu, the Sparkd' Energy Drinks will supposedly have 144 mg of caffeine for a medium, and familiar items like the egg wraps, omelet bites, and croissant stuffer will remain on the spring menu.

Interestingly, the Reddit poster also claimed that Dunkin' has a new supplier for its iced coffees, and while it's supposed to taste the same, workers are instructed to call it "richer" if customers detect a difference. While they added that their store "has the new bags and nobody has said anything," one commenter has noticed the change, saying that they knew they weren't "crazy." Although some consumers are sad about their favorite items (like brownie batter) not returning, all these supposed changes coming to Dunkin' Donuts in the spring will no doubt make it an enticing place to be.

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