One Easy Step Will Make Flipping Skewers A Whole Lot Easier

kebab on double skewers
kebab on double skewers - Chatham172/Shutterstock

From smoky kebabs to colorful vegetable skewers, there's something truly delightful about those grill marks and the charred flavor of skewered treats. Moreover, the beauty of skewering is its simplicity. It allows the heat to circulate evenly, cooking each piece to perfection while retaining its juices. And there's a certain aesthetic appeal to seeing your favorite foods arranged neatly on a stick. However, this technique has its challenges. Like when pesky pieces spin and turn individually when you attempt to flip the skewer.

Those juicy chunks of meat or delicate veggies also might not cook evenly or worse, fall into the embers below. Luckily, we've got just the solution for you — the dual skewer technique. Traditionally, most of us thread our kebabs or veggies onto one skewer. While it may look aesthetically pleasing, it's functionally flawed as the pieces are more likely to rotate on their own axis. By threading pieces onto two parallel skewers for each row of food, you ensure that each piece is held in place by two points, eliminating the chances of it spinning out of control.

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Master The Dual Skewer Hack For Easy Flipping

meat on double skewers
meat on double skewers - Nikolay_donetsk/Getty Images

To employ this technique, consider the food you want to grill. When working with firm, elongated foods like hot dogs or sausages, lay them side by side on a plate to form a neat row. Using one hand, hold them down firmly with your palm, ensuring they remain aligned, and with your other hand carefully pierce one skewer through on one side, ensuring it goes through each of the food pieces. Then do the same on the other end with the second skewer.

For more delicate items, like slender asparagus or fragile vegetables, a tender touch is crucial to avoid breaking these nutritious greens. When piercing, be gentle, almost like you're guiding the skewer, ensuring the vegetable remains intact. It's also worth noting that while this skewer hack promises ease during the grilling process, the preparation might take a bit longer than you're accustomed to. But don't let this deter you because the rewards, in terms of hassle-free grilling and perfectly cooked food, far outweigh the few extra minutes you spend skewering.

Having arranged all your favorite foods on the dual skewers, you can then proceed to the grilling process as usual. No longer will you wrestle with individual pieces that refuse to stay put and flipping becomes effortless.

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