On Canada Project Opinion: A recap of Pierre Poilievre's 'Tory Boy Summer'

Conservative Party leader, Pierre Poilievre, is a far-right global superstar

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Conservative Party leader, Pierre Poilievre, is a far-right global superstar.

Poilievre took photos with someone wearing a neon green "straight pride" shirt this summer- and then, to counteract it, released a statement saying he didn't know what the shirt said.

And in a classic one-bird-two-stones political maneuver (or, if you prefer, a one-two punch), he feeds his base who believe anti-queer disinformation AND placates moderates who are glad he's released a statement in "allyship" (🫠)

It would be impressive if it weren't horrifying.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Pierre's dangerous actions this summer aren't just his 'reputation era' - it's a horrifying pattern of behaviour.

And the worst part is that Pierre is a career politician who knows exactly what he's doing AND how to get away with it.

Pierre Poilievre's consistent commitment to far-right conspiracy theories and harmful ideologies is horrifying.

Canada Proud is well known as a group that promotes far-right disinformation, racism, and hate - so Poilievre supporting them is a huge red flag.

Because when the leader of Canada’s right-wing party embraces far-right ideologies for his own political gain, that means they aren’t really far-right anymore, are they? They’re just the right.

If history is any indication, Pierre could be the next prime minister - which means we’ll have a Trump-in-sheeps-clothing as Canada's PM.

The fact that all of his dangerous behaviour is seen as "politics as usual" should shock and concern you — especially if you wholeheartedly disagree with the spreading of hate, division, and far-right ideologies in Canada.

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