Olivia Wilde Debuts New Fringe Haircut and It’s Changed Her Whole Face Shape

Olivia Wilde Debuts New Fringe Haircut and It’s Changed Her Whole Face Shape

It might just be time for bob watch to lose its prime-time spot—bangs watch is coming and we predict it’s going to be a roaring success with viewers. What can we say, we’ve got the content. From Katy Perry’s micro fringe to Ashley Tisdale’s chunky bangs, we’ve not seen this many fringes since year four. Naturally, we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest breaking bangs.

The latest celeb to join the club is Olivia Wilde, who’s merged her face-framing tendrils with a connecting bouncy full fringe, and it has honestly changed her whole face shape. While she still has her killer cheekbones, the look makes her face appear wider and shorter, giving an adorable youthful appearance.

Reaching back deep toward the crown and coming down to skim over her brows, it’s the perfect balance of dense yet feathery, even unstyled in this casual thrown-up style.

On her relatable mom Instagram Story, the fringe looks great, dispelling the myth that a fringe takes work to style. Cut right, a fringe can be stopped from misbehaving and causing daily havoc. We’ll be taking notes.

It seems the plethora of celebs joining the bangs bandwagon has inspired Ms. Wilde, but let’s not forget she was seen sporting some “French girl bangs” back in March of this year. She’s definitely been working her way up to this drastic fringe debut.

Now, where are those scissors….

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