Olivia Rodrigo reveals she has a fake Instagram account - and the reason why is so relatable

Olivia Rodrigo has shared the real reason why she has a fake Instagram account.

The 20-year-old singer shared her thoughts about social media during an interview with The Face, published on 21 November. After specifying that she spends a lot of time looking at her selfies before sharing them on her public Instagram – where she has more than 35m followers – she then confirmed that she has a fake Instagram account, also referred to as “finsta.”

However, according to Rodrgio, she only has the finsta for one reason, to look at people who she has a crush on.

“Nothing’s on [the finsta]. I just use it to stalk my crushes. I’m sooo good at finding stuff out about people on social media,” she said, before she let out an “ooohas if she was sharing some gossip.

She continued to open up about using the account to look at her crushes, adding: “It’s one of my favourite pastimes.”

This isn’t the first time that Rodrigo has poked fun at her crushes. During an interview with Vogue in July, the “Deja Vu” singer opened up about how much she came to admire Bruce Springsteen, while noting that he’s one of her crushes.

“He’s my biggest celebrity crush of all time,” she said during the interview, as she was out shopping for records and found a recording of his 1984 concert in Toronto.

“I think I might have to get this for my new apartment,” she said during the outing, before tucking the record under her arm. “Yeah, you’re coming home with me.”

In addition to crushes, she also spoke candidly about her dating life during the interview with Vogue, as she shared her thoughts about fans constantly wanting to know what her relationship status is. “It’s an interesting thing to think about,” she said. “I understand it. I could sit here and be like: ‘I don’t get why people do that,’ but I do it so often.”

When asked if she was single at the time, Rodrigo played it coy, as she responded by making a so-so gesture with her hand and saying: “I don’t know!” She playfully added: “I don’t kiss and tell.”

During an interview with the New York Times, the “good 4 u” singer also shared her regrets about some of the people she dated, following the success of her first album, Sour.

“I had such a desire to live and experience things and make mistakes and grow after Sour came out, I kind of felt this pressure to be this girl that I thought everyone expected me to be,” Rodrigo recalled. “And I think because of that pressure, maybe I did things that maybe I shouldn’t have - dated people that I shouldn’t have.”

While she described her approach to relationships as relatively “tame”, she also said that her experiences in dating were reflected in the lyrics and themes of her second album, Guts.

Following the viral success of her early career, after releasing her first single, “Driver’s Licence,” in January 2021, Rodrigo’s love life has continued to make headlines. Although she never publicly confirmed the relationship, she was rumoured to be dating Adam Faze from June 2021 until February 2022. When Rodrigo released her hit song, “Vampire” in June 2023, fans were quick to assume that the tune was about Faze.

Shortly after her rumoured split from Faze, Rodrigo was romantically linked to singer Zach Bia for six months, with fans also assuming that “Vampire” could be about him. However, Bia denied that speculation during an interview with GQ in September, saying: “I don’t think it’s really about me. I think the internet just ran with it.”

“Look, I’m in the industry so I know how a song gets made,” he added, before claiming that their romance wasn’t breakup-track worthy. “We hung out, we’re both busy, and we ended up not furthering our relationship. There was never any drama, you know?”