Olivia Culpo Loves Doing Cold Plunges With 49ers Fiancé Christian McCaffrey

San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey may be working up a sweat at the Super Bowl this weekend, his fiancée, Olivia Culpo, is dialed into her fitness routines, too.

The Miss Universe 2012 winner and influencer, 31, shares what she's up to with her followers on the reg—and that includes how she stays fit and healthy. And while cheering for her NFL star husband-to-be can definitely get the heart pumping (see: Example A), Olivia's workouts are all about mixing it up between low-impact strength training and cardio. To fuel up, the model and actress swears by the 80-20 rule and a nutrition-forward meal delivery service.

Here's the play-by-play of Olivia's workout and wellness routines:

Olivia loves to mix up her workout routine.

Olivia recently broke down her fitness routine for ET, and it features a solid blend of high intensity cardio and low-impact strength training. “Lately I've been really enjoying Pilates and running,” she said. “I have a trainer I see for more HIIT type workouts, and I do at-home workouts with resistance bands. I also love to run around with my dog, which ends up feeling like a significant workout these days.”

Olivia also told Hamptons magazine in 2021 that she’s a fan of doing 20 minutes of cardio a day. “I've been doing it with my followers, encouraging them to join the challenge and just do whatever feels right for 20 minutes,” she said. “Before you know it, it's over.” (Words to live by when there's sweat in your eyes!)

She prioritizes hydration and other healthy habits.

“I’m big on keeping up with hydration and adding electrolytes to my water, especially when traveling,” Olivia told ET. But that's not her only non-negotiable healthy habit: “Sleep is also very important for me, and I always start my day with journaling and zero screen time,” she said. “It’s easier said than done, but very worth it.”

For her diet, Olivia follows the 80/20 rule.

Olivia has shared in multiple interviews that she’s big on this popular eating style. “I swear by the 80/20 rule: 80 percent clean eating, 20 percent splurging, she told ET. “I grew up in a big Italian family, so I will never say no to homemade pizza and pasta.”

Olivia told Hamptons that this approach to nutrition has “worked really well for me,” adding that “eating salad 24/7 is not going to give you that kind of comfort.”

She does cold plunges with Christian.

Cold plunges are super trendy right now thanks to their wellness benefits, and Olivia told ET that Christian turned her onto them. “My fiancé has me hooked on cold plunges,” she shared.

Olivia’s a fan of the Sakara Life Nutrition reset program.

Last year, Olivia shared on Instagram that she did a multi-week Sakara Life Nutrition reset meal delivery program. “I needed a little reset after a lot of late nights and travel,” she said. “I do the 5-day meal program intermittently throughout the year whenever I feel like I need a jumpstart and the results always speak for themselves—especially my energy levels!”

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