The Oldie but Goodie is our take on The Old Fashion

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The epitome of class, the old fashioned is a cocktail traditionally made with a spirit (usually whiskey), a type of bitter, and simple syrup. The old fashioned is as classic as it gets, but there are still plenty of ways to change things up by adding some exciting flavors to the mix. On this episode of In The Know: Bar Master, mixologist and cocktail expert, Josué Gonzaléz (@josue.allday) shares his “Oldie but Goodie” old fashioned recipe, featuring powerful, spicy and aromatic ingredients!


  • 2 oz Michter’s bourbon

  • 0.25 oz spice rack simple syrup (make this by adding cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to a pot with sugar and water and cook until it becomes a syrup)

  • 3 dashes of Bittercube Chipotle Cacao Bitters

  • Orange and lemon peels, for garnish


  1. Add the bitters, spice rack syrup, and bourbon into a mixing glass.

  2. Fill the mixing glass with ice, and stir with a bar spoon. Stir until the ice meets the liquid in the middle of the glass, and condensation starts to appear on the side.

  3. Place a large ice cube in a double rocks glass, then strain the cocktail into the double rocks glass.

  4. Rub the lemon and orange peels over the glass, getting the oils inside.

  5. Twist the peels together, and add to the cocktail as a garnish. Cheers!

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