Ohio State fan recovering from brain injury still has his dislike of Michigan

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You never forget who your favorite team’s biggest rival is.

Per the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State fan Zach Lawrence made sure to let his family know that he still disliked Michigan as he’s recovering from a traumatic brain injury suffered in a spring car crash in the Republic of Georgia.

Lawrence, who was in Georgia for a conference, suffered broken ribs and internal bleeding in addition to the brain injury when the car he was traveling in went into a ravine and flipped over. Two of its five occupants were killed.

When he was brought back to the United States in April, doctors weren’t optimistic he’d gain consciousness ever again. But he’s making strides. All while disliking Michigan.

While recuperating at Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Center at Ohio State University, the Dublin resident was given one button to push for “yes” and another to push for “no.”

“Do you like Michigan?” he was asked.

Lawrence immediately pushed the “no” button. And then — just to make sure everyone had heard him the first time — he pushed it again.

“He always makes a face when we mention Michigan,” said his wife, Meghan. “We’re pretty sure he’s in there.”

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Lawrence is also now able to smile, stand on a treadmill with assistance and even color with his children. And hopefully the staff at the rehab center have played OSU’s win over Michigan in 2016 for him whenever he wants.

While Michigan has helped fuel Lawrence’s recovery, it’s clear the rivalry doesn’t always extend to those who participate in it. Monday, former Michigan guard Andrew Dakich announced that he would be transferring to Ohio State as a grad transfer. Since he’s a grad transfer, he’ll be eligible to face his old school immediately.

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