Oh my goodness!’ Watch this reporter get completely drenched after a Marlins game

Florida sports reporter Jessica Blaylock was likely in search of a blow dryer after Tuesday night’s Marlins game at loanDepot Park.

After the Fish beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 9-8, Blaylock got doused with water in the middle of an interview with Vidal Brujan, who had just made the winning RBI single in the 10th inning.

As he was talking to her in Spanish next to his translator, teammate Jazz Chisholm sneaked up from behind and doused them all with a cooler full of water.

“Oh my goodness!” screamed Blaylock, her hot pink suit drenched. “I feel like I just maybe delivered the walk-off hit!”

She resumed the interview like a true pro as Vidal and the translator wiped their faces and Chisholm chuckled from the sidelines.

Blaylock’s employer Bally Sports later posted a clip of the celebratory prank on X and folks had opinions.

While most commended Blaylock for remaining calm, cool and collected, others bashed Chisholm.

“What a jerk.”

“Send him to the minors.”

“Incredibly disrespectful.”

As for Blaylock, she actually was totally fine with what happened, possibly because this is hardly her first time being pranked (anyone remember the shaving cream?).

The Jacksonville native later posting her feelings on her own account:

“Baseball is such a lengthy season, these guys become family. I’ve always felt like them including me in postgame celebrations reminds me how lucky I am to be considered part of it vs on the outside looking in.

“I’m a blessed girl living her dream, always.”