Nursery camera captures toddler’s adorable morning greetings

This TikTok mom caught her toddler’s adorable morning greeting on her baby monitor and it had hearts melting all over the internet!

TikToker is the parent of an adorable toddler named Jamie. In a heartwarming video, which was captured by a baby monitor, Jamie’s mom caught the affectionate toddler’s sweet morning greetings for her. The video shows just how much love there is between the toddler and his mom!

The video is filmed by a baby monitor from above, and begins with a shot of Jamie lying in his crib in a dark bedroom. The toddler is wrapped in blankets, but shifts slightly as he wakes up.

“Mama,” he cries, plaintively.

Then the lights turn on, and the toddler’s mood shifts from melancholy to excitement. “Light!” he squeals. He begins shifting in his blankets, turning his head to search for his mom.

“Uh oh!” Jamie says when he realizes he can’t see his mom.

But then, he spots her! “Good morning!” Jamie’s mom says as she enters the room.

“Morning!” Jamie replies. “Cuddle?”

Though he has only been awake for a few short moments, the sweet toddler is already excited about cuddling with his mom!

“Cuddle,” he repeats as his mom approaches the crib.

“Cuddle?” Jamie’s mom asks.

“Yeah!” the toddler enthusiastically replies, as his mom leans over his crib and reaches towards him.

Jamie’s mom begins to untuck him from his blankets and the toddler eagerly begins reaching out for her. “Cuddle!” he says again as the video ends.

“How my toddler greets me every morning now,” Jamie’s mom writes in a caption.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the sweet toddler!

“So precious!” one viewer wrote.

“My daughter just screams like she’s dying,” joked another parent.

“Omg perfect, perfect, perfect,” exclaimed another viewer.

Jamie and his mom certainly have a precious morning routine!

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