Nurse reacts to footage of dad ‘stealing’ diapers from hospital: ‘Literally illegal’

A nurse went viral after she responded to a new father “stealing” diapers from the hospital — and TikTok parents are shocked by her revelation.

Nurse and TikToker Miki, whose videos typically depict the reality of nursing, gained over 7 million views, 1.5 million likes and nearly 3,000 comments when she uploaded the video.

We’ve seen nurses’ videos go viral in the past — like the labor and delivery nurse who recorded dads’ “inappropriate comments” during birth — but the bombshell Miki drops in her video is blowing the minds of parents all across TikTok.

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Miki’s stitched video begins with footage from the Martin family. In the clip, dad Ben is seen stuffing hospital diapers in his bag, while the popular TikTok sound “Nobody’s gonna know” plays overtop.

The video then cuts to Miki in uniform. “Um, you know that’s illegal, right?” she asks, her face scrunched up in disdain.

But quickly, Miki drops the act — and a major truth bomb for parents everywhere.

“Just kidding,” she says. “I’m a nurse, and I’m here to tell you that we have to throw away everything after you leave, so you might as well take it home!”

Jordyn Woods says her Instagram isn’t real life:

“Diapers are expensive…”

Some TikTokers were shocked by Miki’s revelation — while others confirmed that it’s true.

“We want you to take everything!” one nurse wrote in the comments. “I would purposely overstock stuff before discharge so families had extra to take. Diapers are ✨ expensive✨”

“We weren’t going to, but when we got discharged the nurse was like, why aren’t you taking everything? and helped us pack it up lol,” another viewer commented.

“When we brought our twins home, the nurses bagged it all up for us! We were so thankful!” shared another parent.

“They charging thousands of dollars, you might as well take everything 😂 curtains and chairs included,” joked another viewer.

Thanks to kind nurses like Miki and their helpful hospital hacks, bringing home a new baby is just a little easier for parents everywhere.

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