Norris not expecting much overtaking at "awesome" Mugello

Adam Cooper
·2 min read

Norris raced both at Mugello - which will host the Tuscan GP in September - and fellow new grand prix venue Imola when he was competing in the local Formula 4 series in 2015.

He says Mugello's quick corners will make it physically challenging for the drivers, but the track lacks an obvious passing opportunity.

"I look forward to it," he said. "Mugello I raced at in Italian F4 back in 2015, I think. And it was really cool.

"It's very high speed, or medium to high speed corners, no real tight chicanes, almost like Austria in some ways, without the big braking zones on top of it.

"These high speed, medium speed corners test the physical attributes of the driver to the limit, this is F1 to the limit in terms of how quick F1 cars are around these types of corners.

"It may not be the best for racing, I don't know if you'll probably see any overtakes between Turn 1 and the last corner, so I think it's almost going to be like Hungary in some ways.

"But at the same time it's an awesome track, so qualifying I think will be incredible.

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"I think any new track, any track that you just haven't been to for a while or is new to the category that you're in, is exciting. So this is something different, different from the norm.

"You don't go there knowing exactly what you have to do set-up wise and it puts you in a slightly more vulnerable position. It's kind of more challenging, and I think that very exciting."

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner said that the track will be a challenge.

"I raced at Mugello back in 1997," he said. "It was a great circuit then, and I don't think it's changed in layout too much.

"It's a fantastic track, fast and demanding, and it will sort the men from the boys. I think it will be a good addition to this year's calendar."