Nordic Knots' New Rug Revamp Is Everything Your Floors Needed

a room with shelves and a rug
Nordic Knots Just Debuted New ColorwaysPhotography by Robbie Lawrence

When Charlotte Rey and Duncan Campbell, founders of design studio Campbell-Rey, began working on a new rug collection for Nordic Knots years ago, they had no way of knowing that their work would become one of the brand’s most beloved motifs. “We couldn’t have foreseen the wonderfully enthusiastic response,” Rey tells ELLE DECOR. “We wanted to build on that.” What followed the 2022 launch, then, is a batch of new, jewel-toned hues for each of the sought-after designs, available now via Nordic Knots’ website.

Rey and Campbell’s inspirations for the rugs span architectural eras. When they first sat down to design the collection, they pulled elements from the Gustavian period, a style that originated in Sweden—where Rey grew up—and is characterized by a sense of antiquity, as well as festoon and laurel motifs. Those ideas are reflected in the rugs, from the undulating lines of Folding Ribbon and Climbing Vine to the blocky, architectural elements of Garden Maze.

a blue rug in a museum
Design studio Campbell-Rey selected a deep, jewel-toned blue for the new edition of Garden Maze.Photography by Robbie Lawrence

For the new colors, the duo looked across the water to Copenhagen, Denmark—more specifically, to the Thorvaldsen Museum. “We loved it so much when we both came together to see it a few years ago,” Campbell says. “We’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to incorporate it into our work.” The museum houses the life’s work of the 19th-century Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen, a celebrated artist whose work combined elements of classical Greek, Roman, and Egyptian architecture. Campbell and Rey felt an instant connection to Thorvaldsen’s distinct style and use of color, a synergy that resulted in a deep blue edition of Garden Maze, a burgundy Folding Ribbon, and an olive Climbing Vine. “The first color palette was quite springlike and light,” Rey adds. “We wanted to give a more jewel-toned expression for a more intimate atmosphere.”

a red rug in a yellow room
Folding Ribbon, another Campbell-Rey classic, was cast in a rich, burgundy hue.Photography by Robbie Lawrence

Campbell-Rey is also introducing a new color for Nordic Knots’ curtain line as part of the latest collection. Dubbed Eau de Nil, the soft green takes cues from the Thorvaldsen Museum’s Egyptian references. “We’re always drawn to great, delicious colors,” Rey says. “Colorways that evoke emotion, that draw you in.”

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