'No point walking out on that pitch if Spartans don't believe they can win'

Debbi McCulloch column graphic

Debbi McCulloch, former Spartans Women head coach and current CEO of the Spartans Foundation, previews the club's Scottish Cup semi-final against Hearts at Hampden on Sunday

The Spartans players can use their experience of last season and beating Celtic in the League Cup quarter-final on penalties.

Nobody thought we could win that and we did. We knocked out the potential favourites. So the players remaining in the squad from last season can take great belief from that upset.

Based on our squad, we are very good at defending. We are very difficult to break down so we have the easy part to try and achieve on Sunday in that if we defend well, we’ll make life difficult for Hearts and stop them from scoring.

Can we create at the other end and make sure we score as many as we can? They’re good problems to have but the mindset of the players will be absolutely crucial on Sunday.

There’s no point in walking out on that pitch if they don’t believe they can beat Hearts.

From speaking to some of the players they are feeling extremely confident. They understand it is going to be a difficult task and will show Hearts the respect they deserve, but ultimately they’re just determined to get to the final.