Nitesh Seth: The Young Entrepreneur Reaches the Zenith of Success

Following your dreams by grabbing every opportunity that comes in your path is a hard nut to crack. Not all coming from a business class family can be successful entrepreneurs. We know that fulfilling dreams brings many challenges, and overcoming every hurdle are the secret key to success. Here is the life-changing story of Nitesh Seth, the young entrepreneur who has changed the face of the retail industry.

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How Nitesh Seth’s Journey Began?

Hailing from Amritsar, Punjab, Nitesh completed his schooling at Ajanta Public School. After achieving his degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Nitesh started his career by working in 500 fortune companies like ADP and AON Hewitt. The 38 years old entrepreneur gained extreme knowledge about business by spending 14 years of his career in various MNCs. Then, eventually, he decided to start something of his own. Fascinated with the idea of eCommerce, Started his Firm S2o- Start Selling Online primarily focused on building eCommerce stores for small businesses. Followed by this, he later founded another organization named My Shipper to minimize the challenges and risks of shipping. This was a revolutionary move as many small businesses were benefited by mitigating the hurdles of shipping. His enterprises are mainly associated with the food and retail industry.

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Excelled His Career with New Ventures

Nitesh left no stone unturned to reach the peak of success. He joined the clothing manufacturing business of his family and then joined Stellar Exports to establish himself as a strong and independent entrepreneur. The icing on the cake was his next move with a new venture named Moda Chales that solely focused on retailing Indian attires and accessories through eCommerce.

His Role As a Pioneer

Nitesh Seth played a pioneering role in initiating the selling of Digital Assets in India. He was the one who realized that this could be a booming business. The best part is, Nitesh worked dedicatedly to achieve success in every means. According to his vision, setting up a business model should be clear and coherent by determining the financial return. He understood that digital asset selling could be a brilliant move towards establishing his entrepreneurship in a bigger platform. That is how Nitesh Seth became an inspiration to the college students who are aspiring businessmen.

His Vision on Entrepreneurship

As a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Nitesh Seth is well versed in dynamic marketing trends. In his vision, he shared how college-goers can grab every opportunity to make their journey smooth. “When high school is over, or even being in it, it is very difficult to make a choice that can impact the rest of your life, so it is important to talk to family members, market professionals, teachers, and anyone who can share the experience of how he/she made her own choices,” stated Nitesh while asked about how young aspirant can shape their future.

Responsibility as a Social Being

Nitesh believed that being an entrepreneur makes a person more responsible for the development of society. He has been coaching a lot of aspiring college folks free of cost. Apart from that, Nitesh is also associated with several NGOs like Voice of Amritsar and Rang De. His records say that during his work tenure, he always remained active with CSR undertakings.

Summing Up

Nitesh Seth is a living example for many who always wanted to be a businessman but couldn’t really take the first step out of fear. Risks and opportunities go hand in hand when you aim to become an entrepreneur. Nitesh says, “An original idea, know-how superior to the competition, revolutionary technology, in short, there are several scenarios that awaken the entrepreneurial “side” of us all.”