Nirvana? Friends? Pogs? Let's see what these young MLB stars know about the '90s

One of the best silly storylines in Major League Baseball this season is Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger admitted he didn’t know why Jerry Seinfeld was famous. He knew the name, he said, but that was about it.

Don’t scoff too much. Bellinger, who turned 22 just days after we shot this video, was born in 1995, which means he wasn’t even three when “Seinfeld” went off the air.

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Still, it gave us an idea. At the recent MLB All-Star game in Miami, we found some of baseball’s 25-and-under group and quizzed them on the ’90s. We’re talking “Friends” and Nirvana and Urkel and the “Macarena” and Pogs and even Pauly Shore and “NBA Jam.”

Watch as these MLB youngsters take on questions from the ’90s. (Yahoo Sports)

Of course needed Bellinger to take our ’90s quiz, so did his Dodgers team Corey Seager, Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr., Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer and Mets outfield Michael Conforto.

Watch the video above and marvel at how old we all are.

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