Nine-Year-Old Commuter Backs Into CHP Car on the Way to School

california highway patrol pulls over jetta driven by child in oroville
Nine-Year-Old-Commuter Caught Driving to SchoolCHP Oroville / Facebook

A member of the California Highway Patrol in the small town of Oroville came across a car stopped in an intersection on Wednesday. The agency says that this led to a very brief car chase, the most minor crash possible, and the shocking reveal of the identity of the driver: A nine-year-old child on the way to school.

The chase began when the patrol officer asked the car in the intersection to move, police say. It ended near an elementary school soon afterward, where the driver then reversed into the back of the CHP-issued Explorer's massive bull bar. The officer then discovered the child behind the wheel, apparently on their way to school in a parent's car.

"Sorry! I'm just trying to get to school," the nine-year-old said out the driver-side window, CBS News reports.

The child was eventually sent to school and the car was returned with minor damage. The Explorer took a little damage, too.

Much like a dog on a tractor or Tim Robinson just not knowing how to drive a car, a nine-year-old on the road is one of many possible hazards that make paying attention while driving essential at all times. The incident should be a reminder of the value of knowing your surroundings and never assuming that those around you are skilled, experienced drivers with a keen awareness of what is happening on the road. Some might actually just be confused kids in Jettas trying to get to elementary school on time.

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