Nick Ritchie ejected for Game 6 hit, leaves bloody ‘R’ on Arvidsson (Video)

The Western Conference Final between the Anaheim Ducks and Nashville Predators has been physical, painful and straight up nasty. Game 6 between the teams was no different, as Viktor Arvidsson’s face will no doubt tell you.

At 11:38 of the first period, and with the Predators already up 2-0 in the game and 3-2 in the series, Ducks forward Nick Ritchie wickedly hit Arvidsson from behind against the boards near center ice.

Here’s the hit:

As the video shows … he basically just decided to give him a forearm shiver to the helmet. He saw the play the whole way. He stands up straight before making the hit to a player in a prone position.

It’s basically terrible, a.k.a. in keeping with the rest of the series.

Ritchie was given a major for boarding and a game misconduct. The Predators failed to score on that major penalty.

Look, we don’t want to say Nick Ritchie’s hit was pure unadulterated evil, but boarding a guy and leaving the bloody initial from your last name basically makes you Voldemort.

You’re a wizard, Viktor!

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