Nic Laframboise joins talented group of Canadian big air snowboarders

Nic Laframboise is following the footsteps of his overarching teammates, Mark McMorris, Sébastien Toutant, Darcy Sharpe and Max Parrot who have all won major events early in their careers.

In only the second World Cup big air contest of his career, Laframboise won gold at the Modena Skipass after he threw down a frontside triple 1440 mute and backside triple 1440 mute to reach a total score of 172.50 points.

McMorris claimed silver to give Canada a one-two finish on the World Cup podium. The World Cup season continues in Beijing, China Dec. 14.

Where did you grow up and how did you evolve into a crazy tech-spinning Snowboarder?

Nic Laframboise: I grew up in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, a town on the south shore of Montréal. I first started snowboarding at Bromont mountain, a little hill about 45 minutes away from my house. Back then I was learning everything by myself. I wasn't coached or anything. I was watching videos and that's how I'd learn to do my tricks. Then I got good enough to start doing little regional contests. Not too long after I started getting coached and then I started learning bigger tricks.

Where is your favourite place to ride?

NL: Favourite place to ride is no doubt Whistler! I just have one hell of a good time whenever I board in Whistler!

How did it feel on top of the podium at your second World Cup Big Air?

NL: Oh man it felt so damn good! Unreal feeling! It just makes me want to keep pushing cause I want it to happen again!

How does it feel rapidly progressing to major event podiums?

NL: It's so nice! I'm kind of an impatient person so I really like the fact that it didn't take forever before I started seeing results!

What do you like about snowboarding?

NL: Everything! I love the feeling of landing a trick I've been thinking about for a while. Best part though is just to shred around with friends and have fun.

What is your plan this winter and what events? Do you have any major goals?

NL: I'm, for sure, going to do a bunch of World Cups. If I end up having a spot to a bigger event I'll go for sure, but for the moment I'm sticking to World Cups. I'd just be very hyped to get a spot to a major event this year.

How will it be competing in Calgary Olympic Park at a World Cup event on home turf?

NL: It'll be so much fun. I've got a bunch of friends over there so to be competing in front of them will be so fun. Especially because it's such a small hill it will be very easy to watch the show for anyone that wants to come.

I hear you are a multi-sport kid. What sports did you grow up doing?

NL: I grew up doing lots of sports! I played hockey from like three to 12 year's old. I used to be in a hockey program at school, I'd play hockey every day. I did pretty much every sport you can think of with my school. Handball, football, basketball, badminton, volleyball. I also used to play soccer. I had so much energy growing up and doing a lot of sports was my way to calm a little.

This piece has been published with the permission of Canada Snowboard.