NHL All-Stars recognize brilliance of Owen Nolan's 'Called Shot'

When you think about it, the fact that Owen Nolan may be most famous for something that he did in what is essentially a recreational game is pretty absurd.

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The veteran of 1200 regular season games over 18 seasons scored some big goals during his career – he netted 422 to be exact. However, none may be more well-known than his ‘Called Shot’ in the 1997 NHL All-Star game hosted by San Jose.

Now, 22 years later, the league’s best are back in California to show what they’re capable of and although Nolan’s impressive feat happened a long time ago, many remember seeing one of the most boss things a professional hockey player has ever done.

Representing his Sharks on home ice, along with teammate Tony Granato, Nolan netted a couple of tallies eight seconds apart late in the second frame. Then, with his Western Conference side down 11-6 late in the third and the game out of reach, the first overall pick in the 1990 draft broke in on Eastern Conference goaltender Dominik Hasek, pointed at the top corner and buried one to complete his hat trick.

“I think when you’re a little kid and you see that highlight, the next time you go out and play hockey you try to do the same thing,” said Jeff Skinner of the Buffalo Sabres when asked about his memory of the goal. “That’s a pretty iconic moment of my childhood…”

So, will we see any of the 2019 All-Stars attempt to recreate Nolan’s theatrics in Saturday’s 3-on-3 tournament?

“I don’t think I’d be that confident to do it,” said Kyle Palmieri of the New Jersey Devils. “I think I’d probably end up missing the net or something.”

That’s likely for the best. It would take some real stones to attempt to pull off something like this at the SAP Center once again.

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