Rangers' Ryan Reaves throws down a bonkers warm-up routine before Game 7

Ryan Reaves is becoming a pre-game legend this postseason.
Ryan Reaves is becoming a pre-game legend this postseason.

Since coming into the league back in 2010-11, Rangers forward Ryan Reaves has been known as one of the NHL's toughest customers, while also being one of the game's biggest personalities.

The 35-year-old has never been an offensive threat throughout his career, but is said to be great in locker rooms — a real "glue guy" if you will. Part of that is due to his humor, which we have seen on display plenty in what is his first season as a New York Ranger.

Prior to Game 6, Reaves went berserk while reading his team's starting lineup in order to try and get them going. His teammates responded well, picking up a 5-3 win to force a Game 7. To no surprise, Reaves once again drew some chatter prior to Sunday night's tilt, thanks to this absolutely absurd display in warmups.

Even the training staff found this funny as hell. While acts like this may not seem all that important, it really does help keep a team loose, which needless to say is extremely important come playoff time.

With the Rangers' huge Game 7 win on Sunday, they completed a 3-1 series comeback and will now prepare to face off against the Carolina Hurricanes in Round 2. The two played each other four times this season, with the Canes picking up victories in three. As everyone knows, however, the playoffs are a clean slate, and this Rangers team is rolling right now.

You can bet Reaves will be doing anything and everything in his power to help his team in their attempt to advance to the Eastern Conference Final, no matter how wild he has to get.

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