NFL Shop license plate locates the Redskins in Washington State

The Washington Redskins just got finished settling, for now, the question of half of their name. Now apparently they’ve got to worry about the other half.

Let’s step back. The NFL creates a dizzying array of products for its fans, and one of those is the “state pride license plate.” As you can see, Saints fans, for instance, can sport a combination of both their team logo and the state of Louisiana:

The Panthers lay claim to both North and South Carolina:

Texas is big enough for two teams:

But here’s where it gets interesting. The Washington Redskins claim the name of the District of Columbia, play their games in Maryland, and boast a huge fan base and a training camp in Virginia. Which state would get to claim the team? As it turned out, none of them:

Yes, as first reported by the Washington Post, the NFL had prepared a license plate for the Washington Redskins that featured a logo of the state of Washington. Never mind that Washington State actually has a team of its own; this is three full time zones away from where the Redskins play.

The plate has already been pulled from the store so it’s merely a collector’s item now. Ah, well. (Yes, it is a slow news day. Why do you ask?)
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