Tom Brady shares what little insight he has about Lombardi toss at Super Bowl boat parade

Cassandra Negley
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Everyone else wants to talk about the famous Lombardi Trophy toss during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers boat parade. But honestly, and unsurprisingly based on video evidence, quarterback Tom Brady doesn't have much insight on it.

"I don't remember that quite as well," Brady said in his first interview since the Super Bowl champions parade last month. Brady was a guest on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Tuesday night and shared through laughs and candid cringes what little he does recall about the celebration.

Brady gives limited insight on Lombardi toss

The Buccaneers celebrated their title with a boat parade along the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa and the videos from players on the boats were wild. One showed Brady throw the Lombardi Trophy from his $2 million yacht.

Not the greatest plan. So what was Brady thinking at the time?

"First of all, I was not thinking at that moment," Brady told Corden. "There was not a thought. It was, 'this seems like really fun to do.' Not to mention, when you get your hands on one of those trophies there are a lot of really sharp edges on the bottom where the stand is. Obviously, the ball is what it is. And then I found out later that had that been an incomplete pass, that would have went down like 80 feet."

Brady said he was happy tight end Cam Brate was there to catch it. Brate's boat, which included Rob Gronkowski, threw their hands up in celebration afterward. Videos from their side indicated they didn't think Brady would actually throw it.

If it had been incomplete, the Bucs would have simply ordered a replacement, per ESPN.

'Dad, no!': Brady's daughter on what we're all thinking

Tom Brady with daughter Vivian Lake on a boat.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said his daughter, Vivian Lake, was the voice of reason when he threw the Lombardi Trophy off a boat. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

In the video shared by Corden, a young voice screams out "no!" right before Brady throws the trophy.

"That's my little 8-year-old daughter. The 'Daddy, no!'" Brady said, his eyes bugging wide to mimic the fear everyone else had when he threw it.

"And who could imagine that an 8-year-old girl would have the most sense of anybody in that whole area at the time. She's the voice of reason. I mean, go figure. It was really cute.

Brady also commented on his exit from the parade, which has taken over T-shirts and become a running joke that he noted he'll never live down. The 43-year-old star had trouble walking through the marina and needed help through the crowd. He quickly took to Twitter to write, "Noting to see her...just litTle avoCado tequila."

He told Corden on Tuesday it was a little bit of both sea legs and tequila and he was "happy I'm on land at that point, absolutely." He was also happy to have fellow quarterback Ryan Griffin "at the right place at the right time."

"Who can have a friend better than that? Making sure I was just so comfortable walking off the boat like that," he said.

Brady's off-the-field personality continues to come out a little more and he noted that his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, asked him on the field after the Super Bowl, "what more do you have to prove?" And he, of course, got in a dig at the New York Jets when Corden asked if he could make it in the league.

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