What’s an NFL meeting without some drama & fun from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones?

Clarence E. Hill Jr./Star-Telegram

Jerry Jones may not be always right or express the right tone.

But the Dallas Cowboys owner remains interesting and he has never met a microphone he doesn’t like.

So when the NFL Owner’s Meeting concluded this week and Jones walked out of Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, he paused to oblige a horde of media hoping for a morsel of information before making his way toward a fleet of black SUVs with the rest of the Jones family and the Cowboys contingent waiting to head to his private jet.

Outside of the Lamar Jackson drama with the Baltimore Ravens and the trade talks between the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the biggest topics at the league’s annual spring meetings was the impending sale of the Washington Commanders and the continued investigation into workplace misconduct by Washington owner Daniel Snyder.

There was no major Cowboys news to speak on but Jones was more than happy to offer opinions on what is going on with Washington.

Does Jerry Jones know everything about the Commanders investigation?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league plans to release the findings of Mary Jo White investigation of Snyder even if the team is sold in the next few months.

“We committed to releasing those findings, we will,” Goodell said.

Goodell also was asked whether a compelling reason currently exists to release the report, given that a sale seems to be close to happening.

“Both [the investigation and sale of the Commanders] are ongoing,” Goodell said Tuesday. “The Washington Commanders are obviously the ones conducting the process on the sale, and when there is a transaction, they will notify us and we will proceed on that one. Mary Jo White gave a brief update on her process, and once she concludes that [investigation], we will brief the ownership and make the findings public.”

“Well, we made that commitment back last February,” Goodell said. “We made that commitment. I think we made it in front of Congress, we made it to our clubs. So, we’ll continue with that. . . .We’ve been very clear. The Commanders were very clear that the findings would be made public. So, we’re going to continue on that course.”

Jones, who is a good friend of Snyder, said he has no problem with the Mary Jo White report being released.


Because he already knows “everything in the report”.

When asked about Jones’ statement, Goodell refuted the implication Jones.

“Well, that would be impossible because the only person I know that knows anything about the investigation is Mary Jo White and her counterparts,” Goodell said. “Mary Jo White is a professional; she’s not giving access to anybody. I’m comfortable about that.”

The Commanders could sell for $6 billion, what would the Cowboys go for?

According to reports, Dan Snyder is going reap quite the return on investment when he does sell the Washington Commanders.

He already his two bids for $6 billion.

Snyder bought the Washington franchise for $800 million in 1999.

According for Forbes Magazine, the Commanders are currently valued at $5.6 billion.

Now contrast that the Cowboys, who are the richest valued franchise in all of sports at $8 billion.

It all brought a smile Jones’ face when asked about Washington’s $6 billion bids. But Jones, who bought the Cowboys for $150 million in 1989, would never sell.

“I would take 100 first downs for half of that at the right time next year,” Jones said with a laugh.

“I don’t ever anticipate having any tangible thing coming from those numbers because I hope we get to be involved forever,” Jones continued. “And so I look at it from that standpoint. To the extent that it creates some interest. to the extent that we are in the business of wanting that and if you will, some kind of credibility all that’s is a plus. Don’t get me wrong. Those numbers are notable. I could have never imagined when first got involved with the NFL that w would be talking about those kind of numbers.”

Jones: It would good for the Cowboys for Washington to get a new stadium

The impending sale of the Washington Commanders could also result in a new stadium deal for the franchise.

The Commanders have been playing their home games at Fed Ex Field in Landover, Maryland since 1997. And it’s currently one of the smallest and worst venues in the NFL.

The Commanders and the NFL have been pushing for a new stadium for years but Snyder’s misconduct investigation and political entanglements have complicated things with prospective local governments and potential sites.

The anticipation of new ownership has built momentum for a new stadium, possibly back in Washington D.C.

Jerry Jones called Washington a legendary franchise and said a new stadium would be good for the Cowboys and good for one of the most passionate rivalries in NFL history.

“It’s a great franchise there and it does deserve a great venue,” Jones said. “It is a big thing for the Cowboys to go up there and give them some capital punishment. It’s a big part of the Cowboys to have the Washington team really viable and excited. It’s a great rivalry.”

Jerry Jones changes tune, supports new contract for Roger Goodell

The NFL didn’t vote on a new contract for commissioner Roger Goodell, but one is coming it could happen at the May meetings.

And Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is all for it, which is a stark contrast to his stance when Goodell signed his current deal in 2017 as well as when the topic of a new deal came up in October at the league meetings in Dallas.

Jones had an issue with how Goodell was paid in 2017 and got his deal restructured from mostly salaried to mostly bonuses paid on performances.

In October, Jones was the lone abstaining vote when owners voted 31-1 to open negotiations on a new contract for Goodell.

He reportedly even got into a shouting match with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft over the issue.

But on Tuesday, Jones said has no problem with a new deal for Goodell.

Why the change in stance?

“His direct conversations with owners are satisfactory, and that’s good enough for me,” Jones said.