Jets C Connor McGovern to couch-sitting fans: Easy to say keep losing, impossible to do

Cassandra Negley
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The New York Jets are three losses away from becoming the third team in NFL history to go 0-16.

At this point — heck, the entire season — Jets faithful are clamoring for those last few Ls. With the losses come the No. 1 draft pick and dreams of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence are dancing in their heads.

But that’s not the case for the Jets players who suit up and compete for 16 weeks, not including the offseason programs, training camp and preseason games that go into it.

Jets C takes issue with pizza-eating couch coaches

Center Connor McGovern has a message for the “couch” crowd that chows down snacks on Sundays and wonders why the Jets are such try-hards.

McGovern, 27, cited similar points by Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce made earlier this week. McGovern’s comments in full:

“I don’t feel like anybody here’s intention is trying to lose. It hurts to lose. I don’t put my body through this, I don’t think anybody on the Jets puts their body through it to lose. This game is too hard to do it for a paycheck. Obviously, the pay is obviously a bonus, it’s nice, it kind of sets you up for putting your body through that. But, this game is too hard to do it for a piece of paper and some money in the bank.

“You’ve got to love it to be great at this game. And you’re not going to love it if you’re trying to lose. And, you can ask anybody I’ve been around I’m extremely competitive. I come from an extremely competitive family. My mom and dad can’t even play card games because they get so competitive. So it’s just not in my nature to lose and I don’t — if you’re going to be good at football, play at an elite level, you’re never playing to lose.

“So I mean it might be easy for somebody sitting on the couch, eating pizza, chips and dips, to say they should keep losing. But they’ve never strapped the pads on. That sounds like an impossible thing for me to do so I’m going to do whatever I can to win.”

The Jets nearly broke the skid in Week 13 against the Las Vegas Raiders. With five seconds left the defense gave up a Hail Mary from quarterback Derek Carr that gave the Raiders a 31-28 victory. At that point a winless season seemed to be all but secured.

They travel to face the Los Angeles Rams (9-4) on Sunday in Week 15 followed by the home finale against the Cleveland Browns (9-4). Their final game is on the road against the New England Patriots (6-7).

There’s no doubt the people eating pizza on the couch will keep rooting for apathy and losses. At least until the new NFL year starts up.

Center Connor McGovern on the line.
Center Connor McGovern doesn't have it in him to try and lose. (Al Pereira/Getty Images)

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