NFL betting: Cowboys lose again to fall further in ATS rankings

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We're less than two months away from post-season action and the playoff race is heating up like Matt Nagy's seat. This is a real pigtails and ink week, with nearly half of the slate carrying a spread of at least seven points that's just begging to be teased. If you're betting the old-fashioned way, here's an ATS rankings breakdown for all 32 teams heading into Week 13:

All lines from BetMGM.

1. Green Bay Packers 10-2 against the spread (have covered by +19.5 points)

They're doing all of this without two of their best defensive players, who should be returning later this season.

Week 13: BYE

2. Arizona Cardinals 8-3 (+77.5)

What was Kyler Murray trying to say with his cryptic tweet? If you plan on taking the Cardinals this week, you may want to wait until Murray is officially cleared to play. 

Week 13: (-7.5) at Chicago Bears

3. Dallas Cowboys 8-3 (+51.5)

America's team is going through a period of transitory inflation. We'll see their futures prices come back down when they get healthy and start clicking again.

Week 13: (-4.5) at New Orleans Saints

4. New England Patriots 8-4 (+113)

The Patriots have the biggest point differential in the NFL and QB Mac Jones is suddenly -275 to win Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Week 13: (+2.5) at Buffalo Bills

5. Buffalo Bills 7-4 (+44.5)

Josh Allen has thrown seven picks over the last four games. He'll need to be locked in against a Patriots defense that leads the league in interceptions.

Week 13: (-2.5) vs. New England Patriots

6. Indianapolis Colts 7-5 (+58)

Indy committed five turnovers and still nearly beat the Bucs. They're a dark horse to win the AFC.

Week 13: (-8.5) at Houston Texans

7. Tennessee Titans 7-5 (+17)

Nashville's singing the blues, as Mike Vrabel's team has failed to cover their last three games. 

Week 13: BYE

8. Cincinnati Bengals 6-5 (+70.5)

Joe Mixon logged 58 carries for 288 yards in Cincinnati's back-to-back blowouts.

Week 13: (-3) vs. Los Angeles Chargers

9. Denver Broncos 6-5 (+17.5)

They've won and covered three of their last four and looked pretty good doing it. If they want to slide into the playoffs, they'll likely need to win one of their games against the Chiefs.

Week 13: (+9.5) at Kansas City Chiefs

10. Minnesota Vikings 6-5 (+7.5)

At least Kirk Cousins didn't line up behind the right tackle.

Week 13: (-7) at Detroit Lions

11. New York Giants 6-5 (+4)

With Daniel Jones battling a neck injury, Mike Glennon is expected to start on Sunday and Vegas is expected to take a boatload of bets on the Dolphins.

Week 13: (+4.5) at Miami Dolphins

12. San Francisco 49ers 6-5 (+0.5)

No player this late in the season has ever had a PFF grade as high as left tackle Trent Williams' 98.2.

Week 13: (-3.5) at Seattle Seahawks

Quarterback Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys have lost three of their last four games. (Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports)
Quarterback Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys have lost three of their last four games. (Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports)

13. Detroit Lions 6-5 (-31)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one of the beautiful things about sports betting is that backing a winless team can be profitable.

Week 13: (+7) vs. Minnesota Vikings

14. Philadelphia Eagles 6-6 (+49)

Not their best effort!

Week 13: (-6.5) at New York Jets

15. Miami Dolphins 6-6 (-13.5)

Tua Tagovailoa has completed at least 80% of his passes in three of his six full starts this season, including his last two.

Week 13: (-4.5) vs. New York Giants

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-6 (+8)

The Bucs have covered all of their double-digit spreads, starting with a 48-25 drubbing of the Falcons in Week 2.

Week 13: (-10.5) at Atlanta Falcons

17. New Orleans Saints 5-6 (+6)

QB/TE/WR/FB/RB Taysom Hill is taking reps with the first team this week, putting him in position to start against the Cowboys.

Week 13: (+4.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys

18. Seattle Seahawks 5-6 (-18.5)

After covering three games in a row with Geno Smith under center, they're 0-3 ATS with Russell Wilson.

Week 13: (+3.5) vs. San Francisco 49ers

19. Houston Texans 5-6 (-18.5)

The Texans have given up the second-most rushing touchdowns and will face Jonathan Taylor, who leads the NFL in ground scores.

Week 13: (+8.5) vs. Indianapolis Colts

20. Baltimore Ravens 5-6 (-20.5)

Lamar Jackson's seven interceptions over his last three games are more than he threw in his entire 2019 MVP season.

Week 13: (-4.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers

21. Las Vegas Raiders 5-6 (-21.5)

Only the Jets and the Falcons are allowing more points per game than the Raiders.

Week 13: (-2.5) vs. Washington Football Team

22. Los Angeles Chargers 5-6 (-35)

Los Angeles has lost five of their last six ATS.

Week 13: (+3) at Cincinnati Bengals

23. Atlanta Falcons 5-6 (-77)

After not scoring a touchdown in consecutive games, the Falcons finally notched one at the end of the first quarter against the Jaguars. 

Week 13: (+10.5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

24. Carolina Panthers 5-7 (-13)

That weeping you hear is the sound of every person who had the first pick in fantasy football drafts this year.

Week 13: BYE

25. Cleveland Browns 5-7 (-41)

They're a covering team in the sense that you have to cover your eyes when you're watching them.

Week 13: BYE

26. Washington Football Team 4-7 (-16.5)

Washington is suddenly second in the NFC East, just two games behind Dallas.

Week 13: (+2.5) at Las Vegas Raiders

27. Kansas City Chiefs 4-7 (-26)

This week's Chiefs spread is either extremely high or extremely low.

Week 13: (-9.5) vs. Denver Broncos

28. Chicago Bears 4-7 (-30.5)

The Bears will catch a major break if they can dodge Kyler Murray. I still wouldn't bet on them, though.

Week 13: (+7.5) vs. Arizona Cardinals

29. Los Angeles Rams 4-7 (-35.5)

Matthew Stafford has gifted a pick-six in three straight games.

Week 13: (-12.5) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

30. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-7 (-41)

Pittsburgh is giving up an average of 31.8 points in their five losses this year.

Week 13: (+4.5) vs. Baltimore Ravens

31. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-7 (-47.5)

This is going to sound insane, but I think they have a chance to win straight-up this week. Please don't tweet at me when they lose by 40.

Week 13: (+12.5) at Los Angeles Rams

32. New York Jets 3-8 (-57)

They did it! They beat the Texans!

Week 13: (+6.5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Stats provided by PFF,, and Pro Football Reference.

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